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The Machine Learning based alternative to traditional credit decisioning.

Embrace the power of adaptive learning and dynamic ratings Traditional credit models are algorithm based and largely static. They do not benefit from adaptive learning; the ability to constantly learn from every decision made and every repayment received. Credit rating solutions provide standard personal or business credit scores based on aggregate data. CogniFrame uses an alternative method that combines adaptive learning with personal and business application data into one simple easy to use model that helps you make instant decisions on credit requests from new clients. Our rating models are dynamic and client ratings are constantly updated as repayment information is received.

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Key Benefits

Adaptive Learning = Better decisions

Dynamic rating - tracks and updates client ratings continually

Customization - can be customized for your business

Built specifically for supplier credit decisions

Simple affordable pricing


The CogniFrame platform is self- adaptive and ratings are dynamically changing constantly as new information is received unlike algorithm based models that are non-adaptive. Best of all, this obviates the need for manual intervention.

The New Way

CogniFrame is an alternative way of decisioning on credit requests. It goes beyond standard algorithm based models and combines business and personal information to arrive at a rating that changes dynamically during the lifetime of the accessed credit based on repayments and other criteria.


Simple plans based on the size of your business. Its affordable and you can cancel at any time. No contract periods.

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