We help Institutions Improve Outcomes using Hybrid Quantum and Near Quantum

Our solutions based on Machine Learning + Quantum Optimization + Simulation helps Institutions improve their Outcomes.

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What We Do?

We help Institutions improve their Outcomes through the use of Machine Learning and Quantum Optimization or Simulation under a Hybrid Model. We offer FirstQ, an aggregator quantum app store that supports a number of pre-built use cases and access to our production grade ising solver and gate simulator. We also work with institutions in financial services, health care, etc., to seamlessly integrate quantum within their business processes delivering real ROI.


Operating Environment

We host and provide access to production ready Ising Solvers. This helps to solve NP Hard, intractable and computationally intensive optimization problems. CogniFrame uses a combination of Machine Learning aspects (GAN, qGAN, Neural networks, Decision Trees, etc.) and proprietary problem reformulation and pre-processing to deliver solutions that are Pure Quantum, Hybrid Quantum or Quantum Inspired. CogniFrame (a Quantum Industry Pioneer) has built an aggregator plug and play application store for near quantum and quantum applications to help drive commercialization. Developers can use the app to submit QUBO’s or access the Gate hardware and build and test applications. Users can view the status of their jobs continually and results are available for download from within the app.


Quantum Optimization

We solve multi-period stochastic optimization problems using a Hybrid Classical+Quantum model. Our algorithms leverage the power of Quantum Computing to derive optimized solutions that address a number of long held problems especially related to Financial Services and Health Care including NP Hard problems, sampling, etc., to help Institutions improve their Outcomes. Our focus is on hybrid solutions for early commercialization.


Quantum Simulation

Simulations are a difficult computational problem due to its scale and complexity. Using proprietary methods, CogniFrame is able to handle problems up to a certain scale using Quantum Simulation techniques providing a ready path to commercialization as Qubit availability increases. Select ready to use solutions are provided via the FirstQ app store.

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Why Choose us?

Innovative Hybrid Solutions that combine Classical approaches with the power of Quantum.

Research based Solutions

Our solutions are based on research experiments and pilots with live data. We provide Quantum, Hybrid Quantum and Near Quantum options where feasible.

Easy to Implement

Simple API’s and we can work with raw data as well.

Secure Solutions

Privacy Protected, Secure Solutions.

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Tackling Quantum Computing Challenges swiftly

CogniFrame : Amongst the finalists for The Airbus-BMW Group Quantum Computing Challenge

Airbus and BMW have announced the 15 finalists for the Airbus-BMW Group Quantum Computing Challenge (ABQCC), marking a significant stride towards leveraging quantum technologies for industrial applications. These finalists includes CogniFrame Inc, ... Follow the link to learn more

By Katie S.

Featured #NGBI summit

Our CEO Vish R. presented at #NGBI summit

Was great to co-present with #LaszloRadvanyi President and Scientific Director #OICR at the #NGBI summit yesterday on our collaboration and amazing progress in using quantum inspired methods to accelerate drug discovery and it's commercialization via a new joint venture #QuAccel Thank you to #JimWilson for inviting us and #ParimalNathwani CEO of #TIAP for introducing us to the audience.

By Katie S.

It will help to drive quantum solutions into mainstream applications - Ilana Wisby, CEO OQC

OQC and CogniFrame partner to enable users to test drive quantum

OQC, the leading enterprise ready quantum solution company, and hybrid machine learning company CogniFrame are partnering to fuel FirstQ, the world’s first plug-and-play quantum application store accessed via desktop apps. Follow the link to learn more.

By Katie S.