We help Institutions Improve Outcomes using Hybrid Quantum and Near Quantum

Our solutions based on Machine Learning + Quantum Optimization or Simulation helps Institutions improve their Outcomes.

Quantum Industry Canada

What We Do?

We help Institutions improve their Outcomes through the use of Machine Learning and Quantum Optimization or Simulation under a Hybrid Model. Using our versatile “Financial Services Operating Layer” that sits on top of Quantum Cloud, seeks to solve NP Hard, intractable and computationally intensive optimization and simulation problems.


Financial Services Operating Layer

Our versatile “Financial Services Operating Layer” sits on top of Quantum Cloud to solve NP Hard, intractable and computationally intensive optimization and simulation problems. CogniFrame uses a combination of Machine Learning techniques (GAN, qGAN, Neural networks, Decision Trees, etc.), Risk Modeling and proprietary problem reformulation and pre-processing to deliver solutions that are Pure Quantum, Hybrid Quantum or Near Quantum.


Quantum Optimization

We solve multi-period stochastic optimization problems using a Hybrid Classical+Quantum model. Our algorithms leverage the power of Quantum Computing to derive optimized solutions that address a number of long held problems especially related to Financial Services including NP Hard problems, sampling, etc., to help Financial Institutions improve their Outcomes. Our focus is on hybrid solutions for early commercialization.


Quantum Simulation

Simulations are a difficult computational problem due to its scale and complexity. Using proprietary methods, CogniFrame is able to handle problems up to a certain scale using Quantum Simulation techniques providing a ready path to commercialization as Qubit availability increases.

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Why Choose us?

Innovative Hybrid Solutions that combine Classical approaches with the power of Quantum.

Research based Solutions

Our solutions are based on research experiments and pilots with live data. We provide Quantum, Hybrid Quantum and Near Quantum options where feasible.

Easy to Implement

Simple API’s and we can work with raw data as well.

Secure Solutions

Privacy Protected, Secure Solutions.

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Toshiba Collaboration Announcement

CogniFrame is delighted to begin collaborating with Toshiba Digital Solutions.

CogniFrame is delighted to collaborate with Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation to co-develop as well as commercialize its existing Near Quantum algorithms and solutions using Toshiba’s Simulated Bifurcation Machines (SBM) to deliver immediate measurable value for financial institutions.

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CogniFrame featured in World Economic Forum Forging New Pathways Report

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